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Why You Should Do Private Yoga

Learn the Basics

If you are completely new to yoga, a yoga class may be very intimidating. Classes can fill up quickly and be faster paced than you expected, leaving you behind to catch up to the rest of the yogis around you. With private yoga, you’re never left behind. You start where you are in your practice. Your time on the mat becomes mindful and purposeful, deepening your knowledge of yoga and truly invoking a change off the mat as well.

If you are an experienced yogi already, there’s still a benefit to learning the basics within a private yoga session. Having a beginner’s mind is the best way to deepen your practice and learning more about yourself while advancing your skills.

Some of the basics that we will practice together are:

  • 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Yoga Sutras

  • The importance of foundation

  • Breath (Pranayama)

  • Asanas (yoga poses)

  • Meditation

  • Anatomy

  • Balancing the nervous systems

  • Misalignments

  • Yoga lingo

  • Overcoming physical challenges

  • Healing through yoga


I find this is the biggest benefit to private yoga. Our yoga practice can look very different day to day. We may want to practice in our home or in our office and a studio may not be the most convenient location for our schedule. We may also have aliments or injuries to consider. Maybe a pose we have struggled in needs some time to be broken down so that we may understand it better and make it work for our body.

Yoga can look many ways for many people. Are you?

  • A busy executive

  • A business owner with a packed schedule

  • On a weight-loss journey

  • A mother

  • A soon to mother (pre-natal)

  • A post-natal mother

  • A mother struggling with postpartum depression

  • Suffering from anxiety or depression

  • A trauma survivor

  • A caregiver

  • A recovering addict

  • Needing to calm your mind and reduce stress

  • An employer wanting to provide yoga to your employees

  • Wanting to deepen your practice

Again, yoga can look many ways for many people. No one size fits all. By personalizing your yoga can develop a home practice, build a more consistent practice and create a deeper practice that gives rise to change in all areas of your life.

Yoga and private yoga can be very helpful in conjunction with more traditional therapies if your are currently healing through something in your life.

Get Comfortable

In yoga we are asked to get into positions our bodies are not normally in. These positions are called Asanas. Asanas can be very beneficial for many dis-eases such as:

  • chronic back pain

  • alcoholism

  • heart disease

  • infertility

  • obesity

  • eating disorders

  • osteoporosis

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • scoliosis

  • chronic pain

  • migraines

  • headaches

  • mental health disorders

  • fibromyalgia

  • urinary incontinence

  • high blood pressure

  • diabetes

  • balance problems

  • and the list goes on and on.

Science has proven through intense research that yoga has a benefit to our health (physical and mental), our healing and our spiritual health.

To learn more about the scientific research behind yoga, visit my research page.

The list above are dis-eases that challenge many of us through our lifetime and it may not always be comfortable to speak to a yoga or fitness instructor in a group class regarding your health conditions. While it’s important for them to know, the timing of the situation may not be great to tell them. Either way, it is important for you to never disregard your health conditions. Practice with ease, with care and love for yourself. Allow your body to explore asanas in a way that is right for you. This is the beauty of private and small group classes. It gives the opportunity for you to speak on your personal health history and communicate what you need in the moment.

Get comfortable being you and moving with your breath, in your body, in your time.

Boost Confidence and Be More Mindful

Part of the 8 Limbs of Yoga is the practice of the Yamas and Niyamas.

The Yamas यम, the first limb of the ‘8 Limbs of Yoga,’ focuses on our ethical standards, behavior and how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives with those and all around us. The Niyamas नियम, the second limb of the ‘8 Limbs of Yoga,’ refers to our inner observances, our duties to ourselves. The Niyamas in particular are tools to creating happiness, confidence and habits for a balanced healthy lifestyle. The Niyamas are practiced within, in silence and are a pursuit of knowing one’s self. By practicing both, the Yamas and Niyamas and the other six limbs, you will for sure begin to live a more mindful life and confidence is just a nice side affect.

Yoga has a way of teaching us to become mindful with our bodies and our minds. In yoga, we move with our breath and with ease. The more mindful we become on our mats, the mindful we begin to be in our lives. How you do one thing is how you do everything. While practicing yoga, pay attention to your breath. Is it rigid and choppy or is it slow, deep and steady? Do you swing your foot heavily to the front of your mat as you step into Warrior One or do you mindful step into the pose and gently rise for the full expression?

While practicing within a group class, you may find yourself losing concentration and getting distracted when you are looking around for instruction, copying your neighbor and losing focus on your breaths and movements. With one on one sessions, there are no distractions. Not only will you be creating a stronger physical body but every time you step off your mat, you will be creating a clearer, healthier mind.

Yoga and all physical movement are proven ways to boost your confidence and self-esteem while building physical strength, balancing the nervous system and strengthening the mind.

Feel confident in your body. Quiet the mind and reduce stress.


This one is simple and short.

Don’t allow time to be the reason you don’t take care of yourself.

Private yoga is on your terms. That means you get to be flexible in more ways than one.

Fill out the new student form, here.


See you soon!

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