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Yoga Sisters Foundation Mindful Newsletter, February 2020

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Welcome to the first issue of the Yoga Sisters Foundation newsletter where we share our classes, thoughts, things we love and much, much more.

Happy Valentine's Day! However, every day at YSF is a day filled with love and light and peace.

Our mission is to inspire hope and healing through the practices of yoga and meditation while providing a secure space of connection and support for all stages of motherhood and caregivers.

Our Vision

(We love this part as we get to write a little more here) is to bring all that we have learned and are continuing to learn about yoga, meditation and connection to those who can benefit from healing and hope.

Our (Vivienne and Dindy) life experiences brought us to the mat initially. Yoga Teaching Training - we are both 500+ certified teachers brought us together.Our love for sharing what we know to be the secret to deep wellness inspired us to create Yoga Sisters Foundation. Who do we work with – we’d prefer to say everybody who is searching for peace in the body, mind and spirit – but we know that’s just not practical. We are starting with services tailored to mothers -- pre and post-natal and their spouses and children and caregivers including, but not limited to first responders, medical and hospice personnel, hospice and those who care for the terminally ill.  Our practices are tailored to these groups bringing together our collective skill sets and expertise. 

Whats New

We are currently assembling our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board.  If you are interested in joining at either level drop us a note.  Together we are stronger.

Our 501c3 process is under way so that fundraising and programming may start in earnest.  For any of you who have done this from scratch before you know it isn’t simple.  But we have an angel on our side, Jodi Weiner who, “helps successful entrepreneurs bring purpose to their profits through socially responsible causes.”  Contact Jodi via email at loveservethrive@gmail.com

Our website yogasistersfoundation.org is in development and will include lots of information and goodies including our downloadable Assist/No Assist coasters.  If you would like the download now, let us know and we will send you a link.

What We Are Thinking About

So much is on our minds…how to serve our populations and the world and even before that our loved ones and ourselves.  Self-compassion is mandatory!  We will cover lots of topics here and on our blog in the future.  If there’s something you are curious about just ask us.

In each segment of yoga teacher training we study the Sutras of Patanjali.  A sutra is the Sanskrit word for thread and this book lays out the thoughts and laws, if you will, of yoga woven together into a masterful plan for living a well-intentioned life through an internal journey.  This is just the tip of the iceberg – if you wish to know more, we’d be happy to create a program.

One of our favorites is Sutra 1.14 and this is Vivienne’s superb interpretation, “You must practice for a long period of time without interruption, on a regular basis and full of devotion and love.”  This goes for anything you wish to accomplish in life!

Where You Will Find Us

Casa Mannabliss on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. Vivienne teaches a gorgeous vinyasa flow.  A percentage of the proceeds from Tuesday classes are donated to Yoga Sisters Foundation, so come out and support us.

Sunday mornings at 11:30 am we share a mindful meditation class in Hypoluxo, Florida also available online streaming live on Periscope.  Message us to join in person or follow us on Periscope.  This is a donation-based class.

We are available for private and group yoga and meditation, message or call us (contact info below) and we can discuss the options.

Where We’ve Been

In mid-January we had the opportunity to practice on two evenings with the adored Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, who was in Miami.  So worth the insane drive from Palm Beach County.  We found her whip smart, funny as can be and an inspiring teacher.  It’s not everyone who can get us to cover our heads with white turbans – check out the photo – one of our founding Board members, David Altman, even asked if we had a joined a cult!  No cult, just a love for this tiny sprite of a woman with a heart as big as the universe.

We’ve been taking Kundalini classes at Casa Mannabliss with Grace Surjan Kaur Geller and if you are in Delray you should try a class or two.  In Vinyasa the joke is, “I’m only here for sivasana.”  In Grace’s Kundalini class it’s all about the meditation and the gong.  The soaring sound breathes life and energy – we are always ready to go out dancing after Kundalini.

The new year started with a workshop - Manifest Your Dreams Through Yoga and Chakras - led by the extraordinary Terri Cooper Space, the founder and President of Connection Coalition and founder  of Chakraology Yoga.  Terri and her organizations hold a special place in our hearts.  We’ve been through the trainings and were lucky enough to teach second graders at an elementary school in West Palm Beach for 12 weeks recently.  For more information visit the websites and donate if you can!  Connection Coalition offers trauma informed yoga, meditation and mindfulness to youth across the United States.

Stronger Together

Community and connection are two pillars of the Yoga Sisters Foundation mission and vision.  We have learned time and again that going it alone doesn’t work well – we need a sangha, a group, a tribe to belong to.  However, as teachers, mothers and caregivers, we support those around us 24/7 and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  That’s what we hope to provide through YSF and for yoga teachers we have a smaller community called Yoga Sisters Society where we will find connection and compassion among kindred spirits – more about YSS in the future.  In the meantime, visit YSF on Facebook and join YSS if you are a teacher. Speaking of yoga teachers, Donna Melanson of Azul Yoga provided the amazing 200+ training to Dindy in 2015-16.  She recently hosted a retreat in Boca Raton and a 31-day meditation challenge on the beach. Donna has taken the retreat online adding video and more to her beautiful workbook.  And,in her consummate compassionate spirit she is donating $1 from each purchase to Yoga Sisters Foundation.  So, click on the link, join the course and give it as a gift.  Priced at $20.20 it’s the best Valentine’s gift that will provide love to the body, soul and spirit.

Things We Love

If you’ve been thinking that a lightweight, non-slip, well-cushioned, and relatively inexpensive yoga mat is a true unicorn then you haven’t met Iuga Yoga Mats.   Eco-friendly and odorless – lots of warm toned colors and durable.  So far we’ve only found it on Amazon.com but don’t let that stop you.  You won’t be sorry.

I am Maris: Portrait of a Young Yogi – available on Netflix.  A gorgeous documentary by Laura VanZee Taylor with beautiful music by Garth Stevenson.

Flip The Switch an award winning documentary that is a collaboration between its subject, Barefoot College, Hogan Lovells and Crux Jinx Productions.  Storytelling is at its best when it’s about real people making real change.  The work of Barefoot College empowers women and girls to find solutions for climate change, extreme poverty and gender inequality. Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Julie Murphy is coming up in March 2020 at Simply Yoga in Delray.  Julie is one of Dindy's favorite teachers and retreat leaders.  Check out the course and join us.

Reach out to follow us, ask a question, share a thought or just to say hello. Vivienne@yogasistersfoundation.org  Dindy@yogasistersfoundation.org Tel: 561-571-5498

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